Self-paced Online Courses

University Extension offers a variety of self-paced online courses that are perfect for motivated and self-directed students looking to optimize flexibility without sacrificing faculty guidance. Register and start the coursework at any time, then proceed through the assignments at your own pace with feedback and grading from your instructor along the way.

UEX also offers a selection of online courses that follow the university’s semester calendar.

This list of self-paced courses is presorted in alphabetical order by field of study. Click on the course name to get additional information about the course. New courses are added regularly. If you do not find the class you want, please check back later.

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Course No. Title Price Register
ANT 302 Cultural Anthropology $550.00
E 316N World Literature $550.00
E 321 Shakespeare: Selected Plays $550.00
E 337 American Lit: From Begin to 1865 $550.00
E 338 American Lit: From 1865 to Present $550.00
E 348 The Twentieth-Century Short Story $550.00
ECO 304K Introduction to Microeconomics $550.00
ECO 304L Introduction to Macroeconomics $550.00
GOV 105 Texas Government $350.00
GOV 310L American Government $550.00
GOV 312L Issues and Policies in American Government: Government and Politics in Contemporary Texas $550.00
GOV 312L Issues and Policies in American Government: American Political Parties $550.00
GOV 344 American Foreign Relations $550.00
HED 366 Human Sexuality $550.00
HIS 315K The United States, 1492-1865 $550.00
HIS 315L The United States Since 1865 $550.00
HIS 317L Women in United States History $550.00
HIS 333M United States Foreign Relations, 1914 to the Present $550.00
M 305G Preparation for Calculus $550.00
PHL 301 Introduction to Philosophy $550.00
PHL 312 Introduction to Logic $550.00
PHY 301 Mechanics $550.00
PHY 302L General Physics: Technical Course-Electricity and Magnetism, Light, Atomic and Nuclear Physics $550.00
PSY 301 Introduction to Psychology $550.00
PSY 304 Introduction to Child Psychology $550.00
PSY 309 Personality $550.00
PSY 317 Statistical Methods in Psychology $550.00
PSY 319K Social Psychology $550.00
SOC 302 Introduction to the Study of Society $550.00
SPN 312K Second-Year Spanish I $550.00
SPN 312L Second-Year Spanish II $550.00

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