RHE 306 - Rhetoric and Writing

Texas Common Number: ENGL 1301
Semester Start Date Day & Time Instructor Course Fee
Fall 2014 09/03/2014 W 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Michael Roberts $550.00

Course Type: UT-Austin Classroom

  • Students attend class on the main UT Austin campus one or two times a week, generally after 5 p.m.
Class Description:

This class will prepare you for college-level writing while helping you to develop your critical thinking skills. Rhetoric is the study of persuasion, not only in writing and speech, but also through visual and other means. In this class you will develop skills to analyze the way you are targeted by sly rhetoricians of all kinds, from advertisers to editorial writers to politicians. Not all rhetoric is underhanded, however, and by paying attention to the strategies that good writers and speakers use to persuade their particular audiences, you will learn to better reason and honorably persuade in your own writing, both through specific techniques and rhetorical appeals, and through the increased sensitivity to audience, purpose, and occasion that is at the heart of the study of rhetoric.

Freshman English or equivalent is required for all UT Austin degree plans.

Official UT Austin Course Description: 
An introductory writing course that includes instruction in practical reasoning and the principles of rhetoric.

A passing score on the writing section of the Texas Success Initiative assessment; or an accepted assessment test.

Class not available

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