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Web Application Development in Ruby on Rails

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You have just joined the Information Technology (IT) department of Anex Information Technology Solutions (AITS), LLC, a rapidly growing software-consulting firm with locations in San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Boston, and foreign offices in London, UK and Mumbai, India. AITS provides custom software and web-based solutions to its clients. You will be working as an entry-level Software Developer on the Development Team, and will be doing web application development. Your first project will be to develop an internal "matchmaker" web application to connect projects with specific technical needs to employees with relevant skills or skill goals. The project will be in Ruby on Rails, and you will learn fundamental programming concepts, such as variables and classes.

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What is Web Application Development?

Web Application Development is the process of developing an interactive, web-based application. The web app development process includes:
  • Installing and running a Rails-based web server.
  • Coding the user interface using HTML and CSS.
  • Coding the back-end server logic in Rails and Ruby.
  • Coding the database persistence layer using ActiveRecord.
  • Building the application in user-testable slices.
  • Using best practices for rapid development of high quality software, such as test-driven development (TDD), frequent deployment, and using only portable, standard, validated HTML and CSS.

Are the skills practiced in this course applicable to programming web applications in general?

Absolutely! Skills practiced during this course can be applied to any situation in which you would need to develop a web application for an individual or company. Specific skills practiced in this course include:
  • Installing and running a web server.
  • Using text editors and command line tools to code and administer the server.
  • Programming using concepts common to all modern programming languages, such as variables, functions, loops, strings, arrays, data structures, classes, files, and databases.
  • Using a model-view-controller (MVC) framework to organize web code and assets.
  • Using agile development practices, including slicing, iterations, refactoring and test-driven development (TDD).


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