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Speak Up: Making a Clear and Confident Impression

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Every professional has to do a lot of talking — in person, on the phone, in meetings, and while giving presentations. You are called on to motivate others, explain the benefits and strengths of your position or product; negotiate with others, and speak to people in general.

But is your “vocal image” helping you or hurting you? There is more to our voices than meets the ear. A poor vocal impression can lead to lost credibility, lost support, and lost business.

In this class we will practice professional setting vocal range and projection, and understand how to get past the common vocal issues including having a high pitched tone; speaking too low or soft; straining the voice; speaking too fast; and not having enough vocal variety.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers and coordinators
  • Sales professionals
  • Anyone who requires clear speech for on-the-job effectiveness

Continuing Education and Recertification Hours

  • .65 CEUs

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to use your breath and diaphragm for depth and powerful vocal rang
  • Understand how to use the mouth to enunciate and project clearly
  • Practice the power of the pause in speech
  • Practice exercises that strengthen the voice

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