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QuickBooks - Intermediate

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Course Details

This course is a more advanced look at how to use QuickBooks to best meet the needs of your business' accounting needs. This seminar covers these advanced topics: inventory; sales tax; payroll setup and processing; time tracking; budgets; and estimates using QuickBooks accounting software.

Course Objectives

After completion of this course, students will be familiar with these processes:

  • Setting up and using Inventory features
  • Tracking, reporting, paying and adjusting Sales Tax
  • Tracking Time
  • Setting up and processing Payroll
  • Generating Estimates, and creating invoices from Estimates
  • Creating Budgets and running financial reports against the budget information

Business Success Skills Certificate Program

This class is eligible for the Business Success Skills Certificate Program. Participants who complete six classes will receive a framed gold seal Business Success Skills Certificate jointly from both The University of Texas at Austin Professional Development Center and City of Austin Small Business Development Program.


QuickBooks Pro is one of the most cost effective and best supported small business accounting software application on the market today. This course will prepare students to effectively utilize the more complicated features QuickBooks can perform.


  • Completion of the SBDP course Small Business Accounting or equivalent knowledge
  • Basic computer skills

Required Material

It is required that students own their own copy of QuickBooks Pro 2008 or later in order to perform the self-study courses. A discount coupon for 20% off the software will be provided by the instructor.

Training Materials Provided

  • Learning QuickBooks Step-by-Step II by Doug Sleeter
  • QuickBooks Pro Lesson Files (used in class and for students' self-study)

Prior to Class


Type of Course

Short course -- 6 hours

Course Outline

Inventory (1:00)

  • Activating Inventory, Setting up Inventory, Invoicing for Inventory Items
  • Purchasing Inventory, Purchase Orders
  • Receiving Inventory, Adjusting Inventory

Sales Tax (:45)

  • Setting Up Sales Tax, Sales Tax Items
  • Sales Tax Codes, Calculating Sales Tax on Forms

Time Tracking (0:30)

  • Entering Time on Timesheets
  • Invoicing Customers for Time / Keeping track of Employee’s Time for Payroll Processing

Payroll Setup (1:00)

  • Checklist for Setting Up Payroll
  • Activating Payroll, Payroll Accounts, The Payroll Setup Wizard
  • Payroll Items

Payroll Processing (1:00)

  • Payroll Processing Checklist
  • Paying Employees, Payroll Liabilities, Payroll Reports

Estimates (:30)

  • Creating Estimates, Creating Invoices from Estimates
  • Creating Reports for Estimates

Budgeting (:45)

  • Creating Budgets, Budget Reports

Course Review (:10)

Questions and Answers (:20)

Summary and Guide to Resources for Continued Development

City of Austin Small Business Development Program



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