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Intro to eCommerce: Technology

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In this course you will be working as a member of the newly formed eCommerce Initiative Team at Blackwell, an electronics retailer. Blackwell has been a successful bricks & mortar retailer for many years and just got funding from the Board of Directors to build an eCommerce site. Blackwell's CTO, Danielle Sherman, needs your help to build Blackwell's eCommerce website, and determine which Secure Socket Layer certificate and Certificate Authorities best fit the retailer's needs. You will also explain and demonstrate your website to management.

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Are the skills practiced in this course applicable to work other than eCommerce for an electronics store?

Yes! Skills practiced in this course can be applied to a variety of businesses that are planning to sell or already selling goods and services online. Skills practiced during this course can also be applied to situations that require general web-development, research, analysis, and project planning. Even if your main interest is not building an eCommerce website, understanding the purpose and technical components of an eCommerce website, can help any business owner or manager make informed decisions about eCommerce strategy and implementation. Understanding the underlying purpose of the technical components of eCommerce will help you communicate more effectively with development teams. Specific skills practiced in the course:
  • Developing site architecture for an eCommerce website
  • Building an eCommerce website compatible with mobile devices
  • Creating and incorporating a visual design into an eCommerce website
  • Integrating the front-end of a shopping cart into an eCommerce website
  • Integrating forms into a website
  • Evaluating and matching ePayment processing vendors to business needs
  • Analyzing the differences between various ePayment methods
  • Understanding the mechanics of implementing e-payments
  • Evaluating and matching digital certificates to business needs
  • Demoing a website to management


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