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Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence to Unlock Your Potential

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This is not an in-class workshop. This portion of the Emotional Intelligence Certificate Program is Telephone Coaching with a 4 Week Email Engagement with the Instructor.

This personalized session builds upon the lessons learned in Emotional Intelligence: Assessing and Maximizing Your Competencies and Skills, and guides participants to develop a strategic flight plan and includes regular email contact and two personal coaching sessions with the instructor as part of the learning experience.

For those wishing to advance in their career, it takes more than learning technical skills. An error people make is to believe that if they are competent in their technical skill areas, it’s really all they need to succeed. But in the workplace, people are being asked to perform in two areas -- technical skills and emotional intelligence skills.

Improving these emotional intelligence skills are critical to continuing professional growth and development. The telephone coaching and email engagements help participants develop a personalized improvement plan and utilizes personal coaching to help participants identify habits that limit potential and professional development. This understanding helps break the habits, improve their emotional intelligence skill set, and pave the way to success. The coaching will focuse on applied learning, helping participants apply content learned in Emotional Intelligence: Assessing and Maximizing Your Competencies and Skills to the real world, themselves, and their work situation.

Coaching sessions provide helpful one-on-one interactivity, allowing for a unique exchange of information, insights, asking questions, receiving feedback, etc., to insure participants have a system for executing their improvement plan to unlock their potential and performance. Without this course, it will be very difficult for participants to fully capitalize on the lessons learned from Emotional Intelligence: Assessing and Maximizing Your Competencies and Skills. Participants will benefit with a coach to help strategize, encourage, and hold them accountable for their progress.

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders who wish to better recognize, understand and manage emotions to lead more effectively
  • Experienced, new or aspiring managers, supervisors, group leaders, team leaders, HR generalists and anyone with management and leadership responsibilities

Continuing Education and Recertification Hours

  • .65 CEUs


  • Using Emotional Intelligence Assessment results from the first two courses, this class will help participants build a strategic development plan and provide a simple format to get it done
  • Participants will receive two coaching sessions to help them hold themselves accountable to work/life goals, stay focused, and monitor how well they are achieving them
  • To make sure participants use what they learn in the classroom session and during coaching sessions, participants will get regular follow up email contacts and learning material from the instructor to help them keep on track and stay focused
  • Participants will be assisted in creating a vision, making a plan, sticking to it, learning to overcome roadblocks that limit growth, and unlock their potential for higher performance
  • *Note – Participants in this session are required to have taken Emotional Intelligence: Assessing and Maximizing Your Competencies and Skills (formerly Evaluating Emotional Intelligence: Driving Success through Perception, Reason and Understanding and Maximizing Emotional Intelligence for Today’s Strategic Leader formerly known as Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Part 1 and 2 before attending this class as the results of the EQ-i Assessment will be used as part of the coaching experience)


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