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Google: Make Sure Your Customers Can Find You!

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Course Details

This course provides hands-on, step-by-step instructions for getting websites found through high ranking on Google and other search engines. Using real world examples, local author Greg Bright will present Search Engine Optimization using non-technical, layman's terms - from one small business owner to another.

Included with the course is a copy of the instructor's book Get Top Ranking On Google and Other Search Engines. The book contains 101 simple tips for high ranking and growing businesses online and is formatted like a workbook with blanks lines and objectives at the end of each chapter. Every technique covered in the course can be implemented immediately.

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting high ranking in the "natural" search results and it is free -- not to be confused with the sponsored (paid for) ads.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to:

  1. Be motivated by the free opportunities to grow their business online
  2. Get a free "Local Business" listing in Google and Yahoo -- the quickest way to get their local business listed at the top
  3. Understand the basics of keyword strategy
  4. Optimize keywords for "Google Image Search" -- possibly the most overlooked technique for getting a website's images on this fast growing search tool
  5. Optimize keywords for internal site links
  6. Avoid things that search engines penalize for
  7. Use YouTube videos to improve ranking -- the newest technique in Search Engine Optimization! Google is the most visited website in the world and YouTube is number three. (Hint - Google owns YouTube.)
  8. Increase "relevant" back links -- (the holy grail of Search Engine Optimization)
  9. Stand out and get chosen from the first page of search results

Participants will need a means of uploading these minor changes to their website -- either themselves or with the help of their webmaster or web designer.

Business Success Skills Certificate Program

This class is eligible for the Business Success Skills Certificate Program. Participants who complete six classes will receive a framed gold seal Business Success Skills Certificate jointly from both The University of Texas at Austin Professional Development Center and City of Austin Small Business Development Program.


What good is an attractive website if it can’t be found through search engines? 99% of internet customers are going to find a website through a search engine, and Google owns 70% of the search engine market. The best news? These “natural” search results, unlike the sponsored internet ads, are free. And Google Search Engine Optimization techniques apply to all of the search engines.

Required Material

Book -- Get Top Ranking on Google and Other Search Engines (will be provided to each class participant)

Prior to Class

Email instructor website address and online business growth goals

Type of Course

Short Course -- 3 hours

Course Outline

Part 1: Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques -- 1.5 hours

  • Introductions
  • Overview of Course
  • The Opportunity on the Internet
  • Website design basics (three key elements needed for a website)
  • Differentiate website design from Search Engine Optimization
  • Define Search Engine Optimization
  • Top four search engines
  • Google's Golden Rule
  • Google Local Business Listing
  • Google's other search engines
  • Avoid getting Banned or Penalized

Part 2: Advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques -- 1.5 hours

  • Keyword Strategy
  • Keywords in Image File names (Google Image Search)
  • Keywords in Internal Link Structure
  • Techniques for Building Relevant Back Links
  • Optimize YouTube videos for Better Ranking
  • Use Title and Description Meta Tags to stand out and get chosen
  • Conclusion
  • Question and Answer

Summary and Guide to Resources for Continued Development

City of Austin Small Business Development Program



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