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Behavioral Interviewing

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Of all the decisions managers make, none impacts the effectiveness of an organization more profoundly than hiring. Research on interviewing techniques indicates that the consistent application of well-developed hiring criteria leads to higher productivity, reduced turnover and increased employee job satisfaction.

Behavioral Interviewing uses a systematic method of applying objective criteria to the hiring process. It is based on the foundation that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.

In fact, Behavioral Interviewing is said to be 55% predictive of future behavior, while traditional interviewing is only 10% predictive.

You want to select excellent candidates who are able to do the job, are willing to do the job and are the best fit for the job and your organization's culture.

In this program, you will learn how to develop structured, objective interview and assessment techniques that help determine these factors, as well as predict the true value candidates will bring to your organization.

Who Should Attend

  • Current or aspiring managers or supervisors, team leaders and directors
  • Recruiters and other human resource professionals
  • Any staff member who has taken on hiring responsibilities

Continuing Education and Recertification Hours

  • .65 CEUs

Course Outcomes

  • Define and understand the concept of behavioral interviewing.
  • Differentiate between behaviors and traits.
  • Learn to choose traits that match job descriptions and create behavioral profiles for specific jobs.
  • Identify best-fit questions to ask in interviews and assess candidates more accurately.
  • Improve your ability to build rapport with candidates and have more meaningful, helpful interviews.
  • Learn systematic techniques such as S-A-R, coding responses and the competency ranking scale.
  • See how to obtain proof of ability rather than take what candidates say at face value.
  • Improve your hiring process by learning a predictive method of selecting candidates who will thrive and add value.

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