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The Oz Principle: Getting Results Through Accountability

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Any training effort, improvement process or organizational intervention needs to begin with a clear focus on the business results you want to achieve. Ensuring that those efforts are imbued with accountability will accelerate your progress and help guarantee your success.

The Oz Principle methodology directly addresses the documented need for greater accountability as a fundamental success factor.

People in most organizations only worry about accountability when something goes wrong, resulting in a "run for cover" mentality when anyone mentions the word. By introducing a new view of accountability, a positive and principled view, accountability for results becomes something that everyone embraces as a helpful step in making things happen.

Accountability begins by clearly defining results. A clear definition of results, one that everyone throughout the entire organization can understand and repeat, is essential to getting your accountability system to work.

Clients use The Oz Principle to improve results in three key areas: increasing revenues and profitability, reducing costs and improving operating efficiencies and successfully implementing key initiatives.

Results from actual experience over the last two decades with thousands of organizations make a compelling and convincing case that Accountability Training has the greatest impact on improving employee engagement and ownership, a primary concern for most organizations today.

The Oz Principle helps individuals and organizations achieve:

  • Performance Improvement
  • Leadership Development
  • Teambuilding/Alignment
  • Change Management
  • Personal Development
  • Accelerated Culture Change

Purpose of the Training

To help workshop participants learn how to take greater personal accountability for achieving key organizational results in spite of difficult circumstances and challenging obstacles.

Continuing Education and Recertification Hours

  • .65 CEUs
    • Outcomes

      • Clarify the Key Organizational Results and align people’s daily work objectives with those results.
      • Introduce a positive approach to creating greater accountability throughout the organization.
      • Create greater ownership for achieving the Key Results by using the Steps To Accountability.
      • Learn how to apply the tools and practices that accelerate greater accountability both individually and organizationally.
      • Develop specific action steps using Accountability Plans for Creating a Culture of Accountability and achieving the desired results.

      Bonus Benefits for Participants

      The dramatic worldwide success of Accountability Training® is even more powerful with the addition of the training support website PILtools.com.

      • Step-by-step guided tutorials
      • Training and motivational videos
      • Automated Feedback System
      • Virtual Solve It® Exercise
      • Self and 360˚ Assessments
      • FREE Access for 45 days

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