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PDC Instructor Videos

Learn more about PDC courses by watching clips of the instructors.

Olive Gatling UT PDC instructor   Olive Gatling -- People Matter: Making the Case for HR
Julie Pagliai UT PDC instructor   Julie Pagliai -- Hurdling Obstacles: How Your Organizational Leadership can Jump to the Next Level
Lindsay Chamberlain UT PDC instructor   Lindsay Chamberlain -- The Elephant that is not in the Room: Managing the Issues of Remote Teams
Penny Crow UT PDC instructor   Penny Crow -- Strategic Thinking without a Consultant
Paul Baffes UT PDC instructor   Dr. Paul Baffes -- Out-of-the-Box in a Box: Fine Tuning Innovations for Specific Business Challenges
Jennifer Lazarow UT PDC instructor   Jennifer Lazarow -- The Write Stuff: Writing Skills for Today's Business Environment
Deborah Kerr UT PDC instructor   Dr. Deborah Kerr -- Why Would Anyone Want to Work for You?
Brad Federman UT PDC instructor   Brad Federman -- Paycheck Can't Buy Passion: The Power of an Engaged Employee
Marsha Hughes UT PDC instructor   Marsha Hughes -- Business Analysis: Critical Skills for Project Sucess
Deborah Kerr instructor for UT PDC   Deborah Kerr provides a sample of the topics explored in "Making the Transition from Employee to Manager" from the Professional Development Center.
Jennifer Lazarow instructor for UT PDC   Jennifer Lazarow provides a sample of the topics explored in the popular PDC class "Business Writing: Better Business Correspondence."
Julie Pagliai instructor for UT PDC   Julie Pagliai discusses the specific courses she is teaching for the program, in addition to what students can expect to learn.
Brad Federman instructor for UT PDC   Brad Federman has helped companies improve staff performance and commitment. He is now teaching "Talent Management Strategy," a course within PDC's Strategic Leadership Certificate Program.

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