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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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In this course, you will be working as a member of Blackwell Electronics' SEO Team, which is headed by Danielle Sherman, Chief Technology Officer. Blackwell Electronics has been a successful consumer electronics retailer in the southeastern United States for over 40 years. Last quarter, the company developed an eCommerce website with an outside web developer. Now Blackwell is focused on generating traffic to the website through organic search. Your job in this course is to optimize the website to ensure that it ranks as high as possible in search engines for expected queries from potential customers. First, you will identify customer search queries and prioritize them based on search analytics. Next, you will develop and deploy techniques related to key word placement, refactoring website content, and other optimization methods, and evaluate results iteratively by testing improvements in a captive search engine. Finally, you will present your optimization approaches and results to an executive audience.

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What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is the process of driving traffic to your site by improving the placement of your web pages or website in a search engine's organic (unpaid) results. Search Engine Optimization starts with determining who your customers are and formulating how they will search for the products or services you are selling. SEO continues as an ongoing process of applying, testing, and refining a variety of methods to tailor your site to the way that search engines typically work.

Are the skills in this course applicable to optimization of websites in general?

Yes! The methods that you will use to optimize search engine placement are applicable to any website. The skills practiced in this course represent current professional practice and include:
  • Analyzing competitors' search engine rankings
  • Forecasting customer search queries for a given domain
  • Using trend analysis to evaluate search queries
  • Evaluating search engine optimization techniques
  • Implementing, testing, and refining SEO techniques
  • Communicating SEO techniques and progress to stakeholders


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