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Financial Strategy Essentials

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In the first course in this series, "Financial Analysis Essentials," you played the role of a financial analyst at a consulting firm that had been asked to help a struggling bodega (winery) to analyze its past and current financial situation in order to identify issues and problems. In this follow-on course, you will take the information and insights that you learned in the previous course and apply them to the development of solutions for the bodega. Specifically, in this course, you will prepare financial forecasts of possible solutions to address the identified issues and present them to the bodega owner.

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What are Financial Analysis and Financial Planning?

Financial analysis is an assessment of the stability and profitability of a company. When a financial analyst conducts this assessment, he or she examines two primary areas of a company's operations:
  • Decisions that company managers make to allocate resources within their organization in order to achieve business goals.
  • The way in which the company obtains the funds required to maintain its activities, and the compensation that it must provide to lenders and investors in return.
These two activities are closely related, since financially successful company operations will make it easier for the company to obtain money in the future. If investors receive adequate compensation and lenders feel there is a strong likelihood that their money will be returned, they will continue to provide funds. The skills that you developed and practiced in this course gave you a framework for analyzing and solving a wide range of financial and business problems. Financial planning adds to these responsibilities the forecasting of future financial conditions and variables and the formulation, projection, and execution of plans in order to help a company to meet its financial and business goals.

What will you do in this course?

In this course, you will develop and practice the following skills:
  • Preparing financial projections for a company based on its current finances and operations
  • Proposing alternative financial approaches to deal with a company's financial problems
  • Preparing financial projections for a company based on a proposed alternative plan
  • Preparing and delivering a presentation covering financial projections and alternative plans
  • Identifying elements of an alternative financial plan that deliver the greatest value to a company


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