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CBAP®/CCBA® Exam Prep Boot Camp

Course Details

Are you a business analyst looking to sit for the CBAP® or CCBA® exam?

This comprehensive three-day boot camp will prepare you for the Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) or the Certification of Competency in Business Analysis™ (CCBA®) exam and help you make the most of the limited study time you have. The course was designed, created, and is taught by CBAPs to help others focus on the critical areas to study and to provide insights into the exam.

It is current with the framework of knowledge outlined by the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) version 2.0 and includes over 900 sample CBAP® exam questions to make you ready and know what to expect come test time. Additionally, you’ll learn test-taking tips and strategies, along with other practice exercises to reinforce the material.

For answers to specific questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

Top Reason to Enroll in 2014

The Exam is changing and getting harder in 2015. The BABOK® Guide version 3.0 is being updated and will be released sometime in the summer of 2015. The CBAP® and CCBA® exams will be updated shortly after. It's not too late to prepare and test for the current version, don't wait any longer. Speak to a Program Coordinator Today!

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the critical principles, activities, tasks, techniques, and tips described in the BABOK® ver. 2.0.
  • Anticipate the 4 general types of questions that appear on the exam and learn how to answer them.
  • Cite the core knowledge areas, their activities, tasks, deliverables, and their relationships.
  • Measure your ability to successfully complete the exam through practice exams in each knowledge area.
  • Dissect and understand tricky sample questions through guided discussion after every practice exam.
  • Develop a personal test prep strategy, employing various test-taking tactics.
  • Earn 21 Educational Hours, enough to apply for the CBAP®/CCBA® exam.

Who Should Attend

Intermediate and advanced business analysis practitioners who want to be certified in recognition of their experience and expertise in the field.

Program Prerequisites

  • Before taking this course, students should fulfill the IIBA® requirements of 7500 hours BA experience, plus specific minimum hours per Knowledge Area.
  • This course provides sufficient educational hours to satisfy the IIBA® requirement of 21 hours. A separate application to take the CBAP®/CCBA® examination is required.
  • We recommend that participants complete their CBAP®/CCBA® application before taking this course, although it is not necessary.
  • We recommend students download and skim the BABOK® prior to class. A hard copy will be provided to each student on the first day of class.
  • For maximum preparation value, students should be prepared to take the exam within 3 months of taking the course.

For more information regarding the IIBA® exam requirements or to reference the CCBA® or CBAP® handbooks please go to http://www.iiba.org.

What You'll Receive

  • A comprehensive 400+ page preparation study guide loaded with key terms, tips, and techniques to help you prepare for the CBAP® exam.
  • Free 90-day subscription to an online CBAP® study exam simulator (with over 900 realistic questions and instant detailed feedback on every question).
  • 150-question online practice tests available in three modes: warm-up, drill and a simulation mode.
  • BABOK Study Tables, colorful, robust quick reference study tables for both the CBAP® and CCBA®.
  • Daily exams with realistic practice questions and answer explanations.
  • Class discussions that dissect practice questions to learn how to analyze and answer them.

Certificate Requirements, Scheduling, and Pricing

You will be awarded a Certificate from The University of Texas, Professional Development Center upon the successful completion of the three day program.

  1. This is a three day boot camp from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  2. Program includes BABOK 2.0 and CBAP®/CCBA® Watermark Learning study materials.
  3. Alumni from the Business Analysis Certificate Program or Project Management Certificate program will receive a $150.00 discount. Please contact the Program Coordinator for details.
  4. To register please click on the above cart.

Professional Development and Continuing Education Units

  • 2.1 CEUs
  • 21 IIBA® Educational Hours
  • 21 CDUs

The Professional Development Center is an Endorsed Education Provider of the IIBA®, (EEP # E48092). IIBA®, the IIBA® logo, BABOK® and Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® are registered trademarks owned by International Institute of Business Analysis. These trademarks are used with the express permission of International Institute of Business Analysis.

BABOK® Knowledge Areas

  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  • Elicitation
  • Requirements Management and Communication
  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Solution Assessment and Validation
  • Underlying Competencies

Program Outline

Introduction to CBAP® Certification

  • Overview of certification process, requirements, and application tips
  • CBAP® Exam overview
  • 21 proven exam-taking tactics and tips to reduce anxiety and increase result

BABOK® Framework

  • 7 key Knowledge Areas
  • BABOK®Terminology
  • Practice Exam Questions & Review

Business Analysis Planning And Monitoring

  • Overview, Inputs and Outputs
  • Planning the Requirements Approach
  • Identifying and Analyzing Stakeholders
  • Deciding how Requirements will be Managed and Traced
  • Estimating BA Activities
  • Planning of BA Communications
  • Determining Requirements Metrics for Monitoring and Reporting
  • Techniques for Planning
  • Practice Exam Questions & Review

Requirements Elicitation

  • Overview, Inputs and Outputs
  • Prepare for Elicitation
  • Conduct Elicitation Activity
  • Document Elicitation Results
  • Confirm Elicitation Results
  • Techniques for Elicitation
  • Practice Exam Questions & Review

Requirements Management and Communication

  • Overview, Inputs and Outputs
  • Manage Solution Scope and Requirements
  • Manage Requirements Traceability
  • Maintain Requirements for Re-Use
  • Prepare Requirements Package
  • Communicate Requirements
  • Techniques for Requirement Management and Communication
  • Practice Exam Questions & Review

Enterprise Analysis

  • Overview, Inputs and Outputs
  • Define Business Need
  • Assess Capability Gaps
  • Determine Solution Approach
  • Define Solution Scope
  • Define Business Case
  • Techniques for Enterprise Analysis
  • Practice Exam Questions & Review

Requirements Analysis

  • Overview, Inputs and Outputs
  • Prioritize Requirements
  • Organize Requirements
  • Specify and Model Requirements
  • Define Assumptions and Constraints
  • Verify Requirements
  • Validate Requirements
  • Techniques for Analysis
  • Practice Exam Questions & Review

Solution Assessment and Validation

  • Overview, Inputs and Outputs
  • Assess Proposed Solution
  • Allocate Requirements
  • Assess Organizational Readiness
  • Define Transition Requirements
  • Validate Solution
  • Evaluate Solution Performance
  • Techniques for Solution Assessment and Validation
  • Practice Exam Questions & Review

Underlying Competencies

  • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Behavioral Characteristics
  • Business Knowledge
  • Communication Skills
  • Interaction Skills
  • Software Applications
  • Practice Exam Questions & Review

Test-Taking Strategies

  • The Exam Process: What to Expect
  • Study and test tips
  • Creating your own test prep strategy
  • Discuss simulated "take home" exam and online study exam strategies
  • Re-certification


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