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Project Management Fundamentals (Online)

Course Details

This course is designed for students who aspire to manage, or who are assigned to manage, simple-to-moderately complex projects, but aren't sure where to begin. In this course, you will experience a realistic project-management scenario without having to worry about learning product-specific technology. The project simulated in this course requires each student to resolve critical issues surrounding a project (e.g., incomplete or contradictory project specifications); define project scope and deadlines that must be met; identify resources and skills required; describe metrics to be gathered and analyzed; identify and manage the resolution of risk; and establish the need for effective project-management processes, such as project monitoring, reporting, and closeout. In addition, several weeks into the project, you will be confronted with, and must resolve, two common project challenges: resource limitations and project-quality problems.

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Your Role

You will role-play one of three partners in a small painting company named GoodSchedule Painting Group. GoodSchedule has been barely surviving by painting houses, but now an opportunity has arisen for GoodSchedule to take on larger commercial projects for a new customer (a large property-management firm) that owns multiple office and light-industrial buildings. GoodSchedule's other two partners explain (via video) that the customer for this new project is giving GoodSchedule a chance to show what it can do, and that the other partners need their third partner (you) to manage this new project. The other partners let you know that it is imperative that this new project be successful; otherwise, GoodSchedule may need to lay off some of its employees or else possibly go out of business. You will work individually to develop a project statement of work (SOW), organize the work, and assign resources to create initial and final baselined schedules and budgets. You also will identify and manage risks, manage project problems, and close out the project, all while communicating project progress to your partners.

What You Will Learn in This Course

As a result of successfully completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Define the scope of a project and create a statement of work (SOW).
  • Create a brief, yet effective, project charter.
  • Define project acceptance criteria and acquire approval from relevant project stakeholders.
  • Decompose the project's work to be done into manageable tasks by building an appropriate high-level network diagram and work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Develop an initial project schedule and budget based on limited information and within a limited timeframe.
  • Allocate resources to project tasks while ensuring that resources are not over-allocated.
  • Identify, document, and forecast risks in quantifiable terms.
  • Monitor schedules, budgets, and the progress of work on the project.
  • Report project status, progress, and risks to management.
  • Address and resolve common project issues.
  • Communicate and negotiate successfully with stakeholders.
  • Define historical data to be captured at project closure.


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