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Phone: 512-471-4633
Toll free/Out-of-state: 800-687-7345
Fax: 512-232-6126
Registrar E-mail: pdc@austin.utexas.edu

Main Office Location:
Development Office Building (DEV)
2901 North IH-35, Suite 3.200
Austin, TX 78722

UT Mail Code: G3850

PDC Registration Office

512-471-4633 Fax: 512-232-6126
Corporate Training and Government Solutions Kristy Bradford 1-800-687-7345 pdcsolutions@austin.utexas.edu
City of Austin Small Business Development Program Christina Kendall 512-232-5986 christina.kendall@austin.utexas.edu

Business Skills Certificate Programs

Business Management Certificate Program

Communication Skills for Professionals Certificate Program

Emotional Intelligence Series

Leadership Academy

Alan Pilgrim 512-471-2924 apilgrim@austin.utexas.edu
Business Analysis Certificate Program / Workshops and Exam Prep /
Project Management Certificate Program / Workshops and Exam Prep
Kamela Syed 512-232-4334 kamelasyed@austin.utexas.edu
Financial Planning Certificate Program / CPA Exam Prep
Alan Pilgrim 512-471-2924 apilgrim@austin.utexas.edu
Human Resource Management & SHRM Essentials
Kamela Syed 512-232-4334 kamelasyed@austin.utexas.edu
Paralegal Certificate Program / Medical Interpreter Certificate Program Beth Navarro 512-471-9971 enavarro@austin.utexas.edu

Personal Trainer Certificate Program

Veena Hosur 512-471-2354 pdconline@austin.utexas.edu

Creative and Strategic Leadership Certificate Programs

Creative Leadership and Innovation Management Certificate Program

Strategic Communication Certificate Program

Strategic Leadership Certificate Program

Beth Navarro 512-471-9971 enavarro@austin.utexas.edu

Online Programs

Online Real Estate Technical Problems

Dearborn Technical Support 888-213-5124 retechsupport@dearborn.com
CIE Learn Online (Skill Soft) / Online Real Estate, MCE and SAE Courses Veena Hosur 512-471-2354 pdconline@austin.utexas.edu

Paralegal Specialist Programs / Paralegal Online English/Spanish

Veena Hosur 512-471-2354 pdconline@austin.utexas.edu

Online Nonprofit Management

Veena Hosur 512-471-2354 pdconline@austin.utexas.edu
Online Technical Writing Programs Veena Hosur 512-471-2354 pdconline@austin.utexas.edu
Technology Career Bootcamp Certificate Programs Vanessa Hernandez 512-232-2237 vhernandez@austin.utexas.edu

Health and Safety Training Center Certificate Programs

International Mine Safety and Health Programs

Amanda Sanchez 512-232-1952 amandasanchez@austin.utexas.edu

UT's Career Smart Program

Veronica Phillips 512-471-2926 vphillips@austin.utexas.edu

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 7518
Austin, TX 78713-7518

Shipping Address:
For accurate shipping address details please contact pdc@austin.utexas.edu

Course Maps and Directions:
For course location please read your course receipt or visit the course webpage. Location details can be found here: Maps & Directions

The Professional Development Center is a cost recovery department within the Division of Continuing and Innovative Education and is not a subsidiary of other schools and colleges in the University.

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