:: Happy Retirement, Betsy Arumi

Betsy Arumi: PDC wishes a Happy Retirement to a cherished friend

Betsy Arumi

After 14 years of superlative service, Betsy Arumi is retiring from the Professional Development Center (PDC) at The University of Texas at Austin on January 31, 2013.

Since coming to PDC in 1997, Betsy has coordinated the Human Resources Management (HRM) Certificate Program. The guidance she offered this program has resulted in PDC being recognized for the last two years as one of the top twenty university partners for enrollments by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Betsy has maintained a long and distinguished career in education. She has been a junior high and high school teacher in both the public and private sectors, and she has long ties to the university. Her first position at the university started in 1995 as a project coordinator in the Office of the Vice President for Development. She advanced to the position of development associate before coming to PDC as a program coordinator.

When asking those who have worked with Betsy to describe her, the words that get repeated the most often are “kind,” “supportive,” and “fun.” Her work and friendly, outgoing nature have made her a great ambassador for PDC and the SHRM. She has truly given a warm and friendly face to PDC that has opened doors for our department to the local HR professional community. In the process, she’s helped innumerable students achieve their certifications and advance their careers.

One such HRM certificate student was Kefren Greenstreet, HR Director at Hyatt Hotels in Austin. She writes:

"Betsy was always so warm and friendly, even with a stranger. I felt like she treated me as if I was the only person registering and taking the course. It seemed like she would go out of her way to assist everyone; regardless of the matter, question, or concern. Though my interactions with her were few, she left an impression on me that was significant. It has been almost 3 years since I took the class, and Betsy stands out as a caring UT professional that I was lucky to work with during my SHRM course. Thanks Betsy! Wishing you all the best in the next journey of your life! Enjoy every second of retirement!"

PDC Director Liliya Spinazzola offers:

"In addition to a wonderful sense of humor, Betsy possesses a wealth of professional history and information both at PDC and the university as a whole. The wisdom, joy and insight she offered are irreplaceable, and she will be sorely missed. Congratulations, Betsy! I wish you a very happy retirement."

Veronica Phillips, senior program coordinator, says:

"I've been so proud to have Betsy on my team. She has always been a great team player. She's always been so welcoming of new employees and gone out of her way to help them feel comfortable and supported as members of the PDC team. She's touched many lives and careers – both externally and internally - with her dedication, kindness and support. I'm sure I’m not the only one at PDC who will truly miss her."

One of those team members made to feel welcome by Betsy was Anne Gibson, marketing specialist for PDC. Anne writes:

"When I first started working for PDC, Betsy was so kind to me. It's so difficult when you start a new job and there's so much to learn and so many new faces. She was very patient and explained everything I needed to know, no matter how many questions I had! Since then, we've worked many days together and traveled to numerous conferences and meetings. Throughout our times together, she has always displayed warmth, kindness and a hilarious sense of humor. She is also one of the most intelligent people I know. She's often reading the most interesting books—sometimes in Spanish! I will miss her very much as a colleague, but I will continue to enjoy her wonderful company as a close friend."

Susan Drapela, senior graphic designer for PDC, offers:

"Betsy is a very fun person. She is quick to laugh, has strong opinions, stands up for herself and others, and is open to trying new things. When I think of Betsy, I think of an extremely intelligent, well-read, and well-traveled person whose home is filled with artifacts and souvenirs from her world travels. She lived in Costa Rica for a few years with her family, and she is fluent in Spanish—which has come in handy for PDC’s forays into Spanish language programs! She makes quite an impression on the HRM program students, because people always ask about her at Austin Human Resource Management Association (AHRMA) lunches or HR conferences. I will miss working with Betsy, but I am so glad that she is retiring so she can have more fun and travel to even more exotic destinations."

Everyone at the Professional Development Center wishes Betsy Arumi a long, healthy and happy retirement!

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