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Emily Carter Instructor:
Emily Carter

Writing Romance & Other Genre Novels

In this class you will learn to identify commercial fiction genres typically used by authors, agents, publishers, bookstores, and film makers to categorize books and film.  You will discover where the novel you want to write fits within genres such as: mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, westerns and more.  In addition, you will learn what kind of emotional experience readers look for in the various genres.  For example, readers of romance novels expect to find a central love story with an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending: in other words Happily-Ever-After (HEA).  Readers of Thriller Fiction look for a battle between good and evil with a ‘hero’ who finds the key to overcoming the bad guys just in the nick of time.  Suspenseful thrillers usually end with an action packed sequence wherein the hero restores World Order.  In fact, a hallmark of commercial genre fiction is the restoration of Order: 1) marriage brings order to relationships, 2) locking up bad guys brings justice and order to society, 3) the emergency discovery of a new vaccine brings order to health and wellbeing, or especially 4) prevention of nuclear catastrophe restores order to life on the planet, 5) etc., etc.  The list is as long as the imagination.  This class addresses the key expectations for genres and provides an overview of the book sales for commercial genre fiction.


Please bring $10 for handouts.

Class #: IC15214