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Continuing and Innovative Education presents Informal Classes The University of Texas at Austin
Chad Faldt

Beginning Russian Language

Have you ever wanted to read Dostoyevsky in the original Russian?  Did watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi make you want to visit the country?  Take this opportunity to begin learning about a culture over 1,200 years old and prepare yourself for a vacation (or at least a staycation) to the snowy expanses of the Russian motherland.  This course will provide you with an introduction to the foundational knowledge and information for learning the Russian language. You will be introduced to topics such as: the Cyrillic alphabet, greetings/farewells, introductions, FAQs, beginner-level vocabulary, basic verb conjugation, important transitive and intransitive verbs, the Russian verb case/declension system, and the Russian perfect/imperfect tense system.


Please bring $5 to the first class meeting for handouts.

Class #: IC15230