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Continuing and Innovative Education presents Informal Classes The University of Texas at Austin

One-Day Courses

Are you short on time but still excited to learn?  Browse our one-day courses here and click through to register!

Active Life

Backyard Chicken Keeping
Latino Moonlight Serenade - June
Latino Moonlight Serenade - July
Latino Moonlight Serenade - August

Creative Life

African Marimba Music for Everyone - June
African Marimba Music for Everyone - August
Art in Nature: Wildflower Watercolors
Flower Arranging Workshop
How To Play Piano By Ear
I Do! I Do!:  Writing Your Wedding Vows Together
Instant Piano and Piano By Ear Package Class
Instant Piano For Busy People
Juggling for Beginners Workshop
Puppet Manipulation Workshop
You Can Do Magic! Workshop

Exercise & Dance

Austin to Lafayette: Introduction to Cajun Two-Step
Austin to Lafayette: Introduction to Texas Two-Step
Austin to Lafayette: Introduction to Zydeco!

Go Native U

EL: Native Plants of Central Texas

Health & Wellness

Animal Spirit Guides and Shamanic Journeying
Explore Five Element Acupuncture
Healing With the Mind
Healing, Health and Happiness with Hypnotherapy
Pain Free, Effective Foam Rolling

Language, Culture & Travel

Bigfoot In The Big Thicket
Enchanting England
Introduction to Divination: Tools for Unlocking Your Intuition
Palmistry for Beginners
Travel Asia: Taiwan
Travel Italy
Travel Made Easy
Travel Safety and Security
Your Travel Money - Save It, Stretch It, Make It

Personal Development

Alternate Handwriting - Accessing the Wisdom of Your Subconscious
American Heart Association CPR/AED - June
Austin Real Estate: An Alternative Investment
Buy a Home - First Time Homebuyers
Coffee Barista For a Day - August
Coffee Barista For a Day - July
Coffee Barista For a Day - June
College Funding and Planning: Pay for College Without Going Broke!
Estate Planning Basics
Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples - July
Find Your Passion, Find Your Perfect Work
Goal Setting and Achieving Made Easy
Grant Writing I
How To Launch A Successful Podcast
How to Promote a Business Online
How to Start a Business in Texas
Investment Analysis: Take a Close Look at What Your Investments are Doing
Key Ages in Retirement - August
Key Steps to Starting a Business
Maximizing Social Security
Medicaid Planning Basics
Networking with Confidence
Resume Secrets to Get a Job Fast
Starting a Food Manufacturing Business: A Beginner’s Guide
Successful Home Builds and Renovations by Avoiding Pitfalls

UT Odyssey Lectures

Word for Word Single Lecture: For Auld Lang Syne?
Word for Word Single Lecture: Tree of Life: Uncovering the Divine Design for Your Life
Word for Word Single Lecture: Gods and Ancestors in Ancient Chinese Religious Practice
Word for Word Single Lecture: Lying and Deception
Word for Word Single Lecture: A Review of the Supreme Court’s 2014-2015 Term
Free Lecture Series: Earth, Wind, and Fire: The bad news about soil, climate, and energy