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Molly Johnson Instructor:
Molly Johnson

Learn to Swim Front Crawl with the Shaw Method - August, Round Rock

This course is for anyone who can swim and/or glide with their face in the water and would like to be able swim a smooth, fluid, and sustainable front crawl. You may be:

  • a swimmer with no experience of the stroke;
  • a swimmer with some grasp of the stroke;
  • a front crawler looking to transform the efficiency of your stroke;
  • a triathlete wishing to reduce the effort used on the swimming leg; or
  • a swimmer experiencing back or joint pain with your existing stroke.

The course will take you through all the practices for front crawl beginning with the Shaw Method glide, then it will teach you the leg action, the rotation, the arm action, and, finally, the breathing.

During the course you will discover how to:

  • harness the natural buoyancy of your body
  • drastically reduce the amount of effort required to swim
  • use rotation of the body to maximize streamlining
  • use your legs and arms freely and effectively in the water

This class uses the Shaw Method, which is an Alexander Technique-based approach to swimming. It encourages 1) maintaining head-neck-back alignment while swimming, 2) differentiating propulsive and non-propulsive movements, 3) breathing with ease, and 4) cultivating a positive and exploratory approach to learning. For more information on the Shaw Method, please visit

Instructor Dr. Molly Johnson graduated from the 3-year training to become an Alexander Technique teacher in 2001. She completed a PhD in Neuroscience & Behavior in 2010, researching human biomechanics. In 2012, Molly was selected to participate in the first wave of US teachers trained to teach the Shaw Method, an Alexander Technique-based approach to swimming and therapeutic aquatics. View more information about Dr. Johnson on her instructor page.

Requirements: Please bring $50 in cash to your first class to pay for access to the pool. Please bring goggles, a towel, and a swimming cap (optional). Please arrive early so that you are dressed in a swimming suit and ready to enter the pool when class starts. Dressing rooms and showers are available onsite. Shaw Method books and DVD’s will be available for interested students.

Please note this class requires all participants to complete and sign a University Release and Indemnification Agreement before being considered enrolled in the class. The form can be downloaded from our FAQs page.

Please also complete a student information sheet, which can be downloaded here. Please bring both completed forms to your first class.

Class #: IC15620