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Continuing and Innovative Education presents Informal Classes The University of Texas at Austin
Peggy Kelley Instructor:
Peggy Kelley

Introduction to Insight Meditation

Developing insight (called Vipassana) through sitting and walking meditation is a practice we have from the Buddhist tradition. Slowly we learn to still the busy “monkey” mind by first observing the breath and then by observing thought patterns. At first, we will only sit for 15-20 minutes at a time, slowly building up to 30-40 minutes, alternating with short walking periods.

Instructor Peggy Kelley has been teaching yoga and meditation in and around Austin for over 30 years. View more information about Peggy on her instructor page.

Requirements: A book by Bhante Gunaratana will be available for purchase ($10) or loan at the first class. This text describes reasons for meditating, what to expect from the practice, and describes the qualities we seek to cultivate through the practice: compassion, friendliness, joy and equanimity.

Students should bring blankets, cushions or meditation benches in order to be comfortable in a sitting position for an extended period of time; otherwise we will be sitting in chairs or on the floor.

Class #: IC15506