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Stanley Roux

Hidden Treasures of Plants

Plants have been used as treasures by civilizations for eons, but this course will focus on surprising, undervalued treasures of plants in today’s world, including their increasing use as biofuels, their little-known value as wild sources of food and medicines. The course will also explore the use of plants as perfumes, structural materials, poisons, hallucinogens and models of beauty. Native and cultivated plants enrich our lives in a dazzling diversity of ways, and that is the take-home message of the course—one that should both inspire and be enjoyable to learn.

Dr. Stanley Roux teaches diverse courses to diverse students, including Plant Physiology to Biology majors, Sensory Physiology of Plants to non-majors, Discovery Laboratory to students in the Freshman Research Initiative Program, and Treasures of Native Plants to Freshmen, in his Signature Course.  View more information on Dr. Roux on his instructor page.

Class #: IC15129
Date: Sept. 24-Oct. 22
Day: Wednesday (5 meetings)
Time: 6:00 PM- 7:15 PM
Location: Thompson Conference Center, Room 2.110 (click for map)
Price: $99.00
Class limit: 40
Current enrollment: 4