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Joy Owen Instructor:
Joy Owen

England, the North Country

This course takes a look at the north of England—one of the most beautiful regions in the country and one that has given rise to numerous artists, writers, poets, and musicians.

What can you expect to learn?
• What makes the north the north?  How is it different from the south?  This includes a short historical discussion as well as an intro to English and an overview of the geography of England and the British Empire. 
• A sampling of travel destinations, alternatives to London (although London and even Wales and Scotland will be discussed briefly).
• Logistics.  This includes a look at packing*, transportation, money conversion, lodging, dining, and much more!
* This is a packing overview.  Travel Packing is being offered as a separate course.  Highly recommended if you are new to overseas travel.

What’s provided?
Travel tips, tricks, and handouts are provided. Bring your questions!

Who should take this class? 
• Those new to overseas travel
• Those who are new to travel to England or the UK
• Those who have traveled to England, but have never traveled to the North Country
• Those interested in learning about England – especially the North Country
In this introductory course, you should prepare to have a lot of fun and learn what it is to be an AngloAdventurer!

Instructor Joy Owen has done college coursework in British history while living in the north country and travels back to her second home frequently.

Requirements: Please bring $5 for handouts, to be paid directly to the instructor.

Class #: IC15194