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Continuing and Innovative Education presents Informal Classes The University of Texas at Austin

Registration tips

  • Receipts.

    Carefully read your receipt for important information about supplies you will need to bring to class. Bring your receipt to class!
  • When registering.

    This is a new registration system so even if you have taken Informal Classes in the past you will need to create a new profile and you will be issued a PIN you can use for future registrations.
  • Discounts.

    Resident Status how our registration system provides for discounts. You may qualify. Read about our discounts.
  • Agreements.

    Activity classes require a release and indemnification agreement to be signed and taken to the first class.
    Adult Release Form
    Minor Release Form

Upcoming events

  • September 9:

    Informal Classes registration opens. Check back as more classes will continue to be added.
  • September 27:

    First Classes begin
  • October 3:

    First Dance Classes begin – Salsa and Two Step


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