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Theresa Zelasko Instructor:
Theresa Zelasko

Backyard Chicken Keeping

It seems like everyone has chickens pecking around their backyards these days! Chickens are wonderful creatures who come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, who provide fresh eggs daily and contribute to the well-being of your backyard, your garden, and your mental health. In this class, you’ll learn about the many varieties of chicken breeds and which are suitable for your needs, how and where to get chickens, what city ordinances to be aware of, how to care for chicks, how to care for hens, how to handle health issues and security, ideas for coops, the scoop on chicken behavior, and more. You’ll also get an idea of just how much you might spend on your flock in the long run and what kind of obligations are required of you as a chicken owner.


Please bring materials to take notes. Instructor will provide handouts.

Class #: IC14727